Cathy Chambers

Founder and Chief Ear Scratcher

When Cathy founded Complete Care Pet Sitting, a Maple Ridge, BC-based dog walking and pet sitting service, her goal was simple: To provide her clients with peace of mind. As a cat mom herself, she knows firsthand how difficult it can be to find someone trustworthy, reliable, and nurturing to care for one’s pets. She is dedicated to alleviating that worry and stress by providing professional, compassionate, high quality care when pet parents can’t be there.

A former vet tech, Cathy is especially perceptive and attuned to a pet’s medical needs, understands and adheres to veterinary instructions, and is trained to observe changes in an animal’s physical condition. She is also insured, licensed and bonded, and trained in Pet First Aid. In addition, Cathy is a certified dog walker through the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy. The only program of its kind for dog walkers, this widely respected program covers a comprehensive array of topics critical to professional dog walking, including canine behaviour, basic training predicated on positive reinforcement, group management, and First Aid and safety protocols.

Beyond her experience and credentials, both pets and people respond to Cathy’s gentle, patient nature. She views each animal as an individual, taking the time to get to know and understand their unique needs, personality and quirks. She is especially drawn to senior pets and special needs animals, treating them with kindness, respect and dignity. For Cathy, pet sitting is more than a job. Being trusted to care for someone else’s pets is a true privilege, and one that she never takes lightly.

In her spare time, Cathy volunteers for Katie’s Place Animal Shelter in Maple Ridge. The no-kill shelter specializes in finding homes or providing permanent care for cats of all ages, abilities and medical needs.

Cathy shares her heart and home with three rescue kitties, each of whom have their own special needs. First there’s Cliff, a 19-1/2 year old tabby who’s a real “momma’s boy.” Despite having to take daily insulin and kidney meds, he is a gentle and sweet soul. Then there’s Edwin and Marlena. Edwin (a tuxie who could stand to lose a pound or two) has feline asthma and requires daily inhaled meds. (Yes, you can give a cat an inhaler!) His best friend Marlena was a semi-feral kitty who came into Katie’s Place through a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. But with lots of patience and love, Marlena is now living the good life as a happy house cat.

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